Meet another working mom: interview with Sara Müller

The first time I met Sara was at a PWG event. She presented Jobsharing AG to our members. My fist impression was of someone very positive and energetic, someone who I would like to spend more time with. Needless to say I liked her from the word go. I have met her a few times […]

(Yet) another working mom crazy day

Let’s face it: sometime it is very hard to survive until the end of the day. As every working mom has already experienced, there are some days where the universe is simply not helping us, AT ALL. This is for all the mums that have had a bad day and had to manage it all […]

Don’t say the F* word (*feminist)

  Some months ago, I was visiting a friend. Our sons are of the same age, they play very well together and this gives us a chance to chat a bit (like 5 min in a row without being interrupted). She was looking for a job. Her second son had started child care a couple […]

Meet another working mom: interview with Barbara Stupp

I had hoped to meet Barbara in a cafe with a coffee in hand, alas, my little boy fell sick and we had to have a Skype call instead. While keeping an eye and ear focused on him and making sure the fever did not increase too much, I started speaking with Barbara. Working mom […]