Meet another working dad: Martin Grieder

Well, well. After more the 20 interviews with working mothers that I have conducted, here I’m finally interviewing a working dad.  The first time I met Martin was in 2018 when we invited him to a monthly Professional Women’s Group event. His speech about “Women empowering themselves” was very personal and inspiring. For the first time, […]

Meet Another Working Mom: Mara Harvey

Did you know that confidence is shaped at the age of 5?  And did you know that money habits are set by the age of 7?  Those 2 facts were the starting point of Mara’s books journey.   Pushing my baby girl’s stroller into a nice café in Zurich, I recall my first encounter with […]

Meet Another Working Mom: Patricia Allen

I’m incredibly lucky and grateful to be in Switzerland, to have a good job, and to be able to work in a female NGO as a PWG. Even if I would not always say that is luck, but rather hard work, I’m still very grateful. Thanks to all my activities, I have the unique opportunity to […]