Raise your hand if you are the one cheating at the gym and doing only 80 % of your work out, or skipping some sessions, or stopping an exercise because you feel exhausted. Ah, I see some hands up. Yep, some of us are kind of lazy at the gym, I’m definitely one of them.

Starting working out with my Personal Trainer Sona was a total game changer. Of course Sona is the kind of woman you want to see when you look at your image in the mirror and you hope you become like her after a full fitness program.  But this post is not about that.

What I have learned is that working out with someone who pushes you beyond your limits makes the difference and you realize there is so much more energy in you. Parallel with work, having someone who pushes you in a project for the best results and challenge you on your weak spots is crucial for your personal growth. This person can be your manager or a peer, I call it BB-buddy (best business buddy).

This is what I have learned through my Personal Trainer (and my BB-buddy):

  1. Motivation: She is my motivator. Insisting on regular sessions to keep my fitness level, repeating “five more squats Ana, you can do it!” In business, having someone motivating me to continue despite a bad period, or failing project is very important to keep me on a positive track.


  1. Go beyond your limits: There is still some energy in me even when I think that the next plank repetition is going to kill me. My PT will push me beyond the limits I have set in my head. Having a BB-buddy who challenge my work in appositive way, because she knows I can do it better, is important. This helps me grow by believing in myself and helps me develop new skills.


  1. Stay safe: Having someone knowing you and knowing that you can do five extra planks without breaking your back is important. My PT would never put me in a situation where I could get injured. At work (and in life) having a BB-buddy I trust and who knows what I can achieve and who lets me know when it is too much, is vital. We all need someone who stops us before we fall down the precipice.


While working with my PT and seeing my fitness progress I realized how important it was for me to have such a person in my life. I realized as well that I have more than one BB-buddy who I can count on.

And you? Do you already have your BB-buddy? Do you have someone who motivates you, who encourages you to improve your project while making sure you are not doing too much?


Credits: picture of Sona Komarova skfitness.ch

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