3 Self-Development books

How to Became a Better Woman, Better Mom,

and better Professional

I’m here to advise you on how to become a better woman and a better mom. Ahahaha! How dare I do that? Also, what if I told you that indeed, not only after having read these 3 books, but especially after having met the authors that I’m really a changed person?

This post is not about what to read, but is about yourself, your self-development and finding your inner peace. Thanks to my volunteering work at PWG, I had the chance to meet 3 amazing women who had a very important impact on my own development as a professional woman. Those 3 wonderful ladies could not be more different than one another, but at the same time, they all share the same goal: to help other people to improve themselves and lead a more fulfilled and equilibrate life.

I want to share with you what I have learned, how it has impacted me, and why you should also read those books and meet the authors.

MahimaA Rebel Guide to Inner Peace

I meet the beautiful Mahima 5 years ago in one of the PWG meetings. She was there, beautiful, peaceful, and magnetic, listening to the women in the room. When you meet Mahima, it really is something.  She is the kind of woman you cannot forget. At that time, I wanted to join one of her meditation classes, but it was too far away from my home. I still immensely regret not having had the chance to join. Time passed and I met her again when I attended other events. She was always beautiful and peaceful. I asked her to be the speaker of one of my events and she agreed; the event was a big success. Not only she is a great speaker, she is also able to involve people in a way I have never seen before . She is capable of engaging the public and left the crowd with the sensation of joy and contentment, which is so difficult to find nowadays.

I read her book afterward and it completely changed my attitude toward meditation and life.

A Rebel Guide to Inner Peace is about love, forgiveness, inner peace… it is about life. Her book is partially autobiographic and partially a guide to finding the best part of yourself. Having family from an emerging country myself, I felt I could relate to so much about what she writes about Zimbabwe that it was almost overwhelming. Her life is almost a novel, her writing style engaging, funny and intense – exactly like her.


Why should you read her book and meet her? Reading her words and following her teaching on meditation will change your life for the better. It is going to be the beginning of a journey with yourself. You will learn to let go of negativity, to forgive, to accept your weaknesses and to find the peace you need for your everyday life.


Tulia LopesLeading in High Heels

Tulia is a Brazilian lady with a very entertaining life story and amazing charisma. She is the one who has transformed my public speaking from bubbling words out loud into the ability to deliver clear messages. I will be grateful my whole life for Tulia’s teaching on communication and public speaking. For me, there is a before and after meeting Tulia. Thanks to her I was able to transform my first public speech in something memorable. And every time I have to walk to a stage and speak in public, I practice her advices.

Her book, Leading in High Heels, is a very short and useful guide on how to became a more assertive woman. She takes the high heel as a guide to teach you the fundamentals of leadership. All women who have worn high heel know that they are not for everyone. You need some practice if you want to walk with confidence and elegance in 10cm heels.  And practice is what Tulia excels at. Self awareness, confidence, assertiveness and leadership skills are what Tulia teaches trough her book and her classes Speak Up and Lead Academy.


Why should you read her book and meet her? Leading in High Heels is a first guide on what you have to do to gain confidence. The witty way she writes makes it entertaining and interesting. With inches of her personal story and examples, the reading is fluid and in no time you will have finished her book. Afterward, you know what you have to work on to become a more assertive woman and a better communicator.



Jean PiperFocus on the Age of Distraction

What to say about Jane? I have worked with her for four years and I have to say, I rarely meet someone as efficient and as good of a worker as she. Her New Zealand accent challenge my English level all the time, and her witty and funny personality always get the best out of me. Working closely with her has taught me to be more focused and efficient. She is the person to put a metaphorical fist down on the table in a meeting and say: “Ok, we got it! We can move forward with the discussion now.”

Jane is not only a valid team member, but also a great speaker and entertainer. If you have the opportunity to participate to one of her workshops at least once, you will understand how it is possible to talk about serious topics in a relaxed and funny way.  Focus on the Age of Distraction is born out of her extensive experience in HR, both as career coach and team leader. The 35 practical tips are like her: pragmatic, clear, based on facts with a funny touch.


Why should you read her book? Focus on the Age of Distraction will guide you to became a more focused, efficient and equilibrate person, not only professionally, but also in your private life. Her tips go from digital detox to healthy eating and sleeping habits. It does not matter what you are doing for a living, Jane’s tips will help you create a better life environment for you and for your family.




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