In a world where your titles are as important as the dress you are wearing, I should present myself as Pharmacist with 10 year experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Owner and General Manager of Birdhaus Social, President of a Female ONG , working mom Blogger and author.

In the real life I’m going tell you: I’m Ana Paula Tediosi. But call me Ana, just Ana.



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Call me Ana, just Ana.

I have said this sentence so many times it is somehow now a part of me.

But let´s start from the beginning.

Before I got married, my name was Ana Paula Rocha da Silva. A typically long Brazilian name. Not so bad had I been living in Brazil, but I grew up in Switzerland, where an average name is made up of two units. Very quickly I understood my name was not fitting the standards, and instead I ended up with an extremely short version of my name – Ana.

Then I got married. Now my full name is Ana Paula Tediosi. A couple of units fewer, an improvement, you would think. Alas, still no one can spell my name correctly, and I am still ending up saying: Call me Ana, just Ana.


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My Mission

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is:

what are you doing for others?”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I believe that everyone should have a cause to believe in and to fight for.

Mine is gender equality.

Volunteer work

I’m part of the executive committee of the Professional Women´s Group of Zurich (PWG) since 4 years and President since 2018. As PWG´s Event Manager my role was to create the perfect conditions for an evening of networking and inspiration.

Now, as President, my goal is to develop the club in the best way possible and allow professional women in Zürich to find in PWG a great place to develop their professional network, their business, their communication skills and find inspiration in their professional life.

Organizations I support

Because ONG and other organisations need our support and even if small, every contribution counts.




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