For the Ambitious Working Mother: Have the Right Partner or None at All

The context we live in plays a huge role in our personal and professional life. Our plans can move forward, backward, or stop depending on if we relocate, have the right life partner, or have the wrong manager.   Last year I conducted a Focus Group on the topic of Motherhood and Ambition. The goal […]


I love this word. Ambition. Why is that? Because it triggers so many emotions, especially conflicting ones. I recall suppressing laughter as my colleagues looked at me with confusion when I told them loud and clear that I’m an ambitious person. One colleague has even described me as ‘cold and calculated’, a judgment which says […]

What does ambition mean?

It is strange how this COVID-19 lockdown impacted our self-consciousness. Suddenly we had plenty of time to think about our-self, our lifestyle, and life objectives. Even for one of us overwhelmed with home office, house chores, and homeschooling, we found ourselves more often thinking about our professional choices.   Some weeks ago, I did a […]

Volunteer to Find My Why

It is in everyone s speech. It is in every second social media post and every third Instagram quote.: find your WHY. Find what motivates you and everything will make sense. Find your purpose and follow it. I have met people who are struggling so much to find their WHY, people who are putting their […]

Dealing with my imperfections as entrepreneur and working mother

Let’s face it: we only want to see success. We like to read articles about how that person managed to become a CEO, how that founder had the great idea and became rich, or watch on Instagram how people manage remain beautiful and healthy. We only see people under the spotlight, and usually the spotlights […]

Meet Another Working Mom: Ana Maria Montero

She says: From red carpet to stock market. I say: From glossy magazines to Financial Times. People around us will say: From serious news anchor in CNN Money Switzerland to smiling blonde girl in a bar in Zurich. Ana Maria Montero is all of this and even more. She is a role model for her […]

Meet another working dad: Martin Grieder

Well, well. After more the 20 interviews with working mothers that I have conducted, here I’m finally interviewing a working dad.  The first time I met Martin was in 2018 when we invited him to a monthly Professional Women’s Group event. His speech about “Women empowering themselves” was very personal and inspiring. For the first time, […]

Meet Another Working Mom: Mara Harvey

Did you know that confidence is shaped at the age of 5?  And did you know that money habits are set by the age of 7?  Those 2 facts were the starting point of Mara’s books journey.   Pushing my baby girl’s stroller into a nice café in Zurich, I recall my first encounter with […]

Meet Another Working Mom: Patricia Allen

I’m incredibly lucky and grateful to be in Switzerland, to have a good job, and to be able to work in a female NGO as a PWG. Even if I would not always say that is luck, but rather hard work, I’m still very grateful. Thanks to all my activities, I have the unique opportunity to […]

Meet another working mom: Eveline Lonoce

It’s an interesting journey when you have to find new moms to interview. I started this blog out of the idea to promote my book and without me knowing, it’s transformed into a virtual place where I share the wisdom of working mothers. I’m approaching women in a completely different way now. The moment I meet a […]