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Mrs. Moneypenny’s Careers Advice for Ambitious Women by Mrs. Moneypenny aka Heather McGregor


This book was the origin of everything. Well, at least, the origin of the current Ana version.  In very fist blog post I mentioned that thanks to this book, a wonderful gift from my husband, I really started to be conscious about myself, my carrier and my life ambitions. When I read the words of  Heather McGregor, aka Mrs. Moneypenny, I was at the very beginning of my work life, earning my first money, experiencing my hesitant first steps in the corporate world. I remember I laughed a lot about her way of describing her children (center of cost #) and her funny way of providing advise.


The main career advices I can still remember after all these years are:





I read this book again some days ago to write this review and discovered many more points to pay attention to. Good thing is, I follow a lot of her advices without even knowing, but there are still some points I have to pay special attention to.

This book provides you with the essential steps of how to take control of your life, your career and your family in order to be a happy and successful woman in a very entertaining and sassy way. Heather McGregor also provides some homework to help you define your life ambitions and directions for any stage of your career.

Even if emotionally related, I cannot say this is an amazing #mustread  #buyitnow #lifechanging book. There are definitely other career and self development books to recommend. But is definitely a nice and funny read for women who want to move forward with their career.



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