Meet Another Working Mom: Ana Maria Montero

She says: From red carpet to stock market. I say: From glossy magazines to Financial Times. People around us will say: From serious news anchor in CNN Money Switzerland to smiling blonde girl in a bar in Zurich. Ana Maria Montero is all of this and even more. She is a role model for her […]

Meet Another Working Mom: Mara Harvey

Did you know that confidence is shaped at the age of 5?  And did you know that money habits are set by the age of 7?  Those 2 facts were the starting point of Mara’s books journey.   Pushing my baby girl’s stroller into a nice café in Zurich, I recall my first encounter with […]

Meet Another Working Mom: Patricia Allen

I’m incredibly lucky and grateful to be in Switzerland, to have a good job, and to be able to work in a female NGO as a PWG. Even if I would not always say that is luck, but rather hard work, I’m still very grateful. Thanks to all my activities, I have the unique opportunity to […]

Meet another working mom: Eveline Lonoce

It’s an interesting journey when you have to find new moms to interview. I started this blog out of the idea to promote my book and without me knowing, it’s transformed into a virtual place where I share the wisdom of working mothers. I’m approaching women in a completely different way now. The moment I meet a […]

Meet Another Working Mom: Kamales Lardi

If I had only 3 words to describe Kamales Lardi, they would be: assertive, competent, and sophisticated. When you first meet Kamales, it truly is something special. Even a quick discussion with her will make you understand that in front of you stands a unique woman.   I met for the first time Kamales years […]

Meet another working mom: Amanda Lamb

Sometimes the universe shows you a way to meet amazing people, and you just have to follow the path. Thanks to my blog and my quest to interview working mothers around the world, I got the chance to find Amanda Lamb‘s website. Never in a million years did I think that we would have had […]

Meet another working mom : Fiona Flintham

Fiona Flintham was, what I usually call, a corporate beast. She used to work for large a media and entertainment companies in the UK.  15 years of a very established and rising career, leading a team, having well organized child care, working late night after the kids’ bed time, and traveling. I can picture her […]

Meet another working mom : Laura McNeill

The good thing about having published my own book is that when I’m looking for new books to read I pay way more attention to their authors. Being a writer is kind of a mission nowadays: publishing a book is a challenge on many levels and the promotion is a marathon. Now that I belong to […]

Meet Another Working Mom : Angelyne Larcher

Angelyne Larcher is one of those people who is always calm and smiling when you meet her. After you start to speak with her, you discover a world full of vibrant activities going on in her life and you ask yourself how on earth she can remain so cool and calm while dealing with everything […]

Meet another working mom: Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Meet another working mom: Prof.(Dr.) Ruby Bakshi Khurdi   Ruby is… one of a kind. You meet her and you automatically smile; you feel happy and content. Rarely do I meet someone who can generate such a reaction. I saw her for the first time at the Lady Boss event at Swiss Entrepreneur Expo in […]