It’s an interesting journey when you have to find new moms to interview. I started this blog out of the idea to promote my book and without me knowing, it’s transformed into a virtual place where I share the wisdom of working mothers.

I’m approaching women in a completely different way now. The moment I meet a working mother, I’m automatically tuned on to her equilibrium, and I inevitably start to ask questions about her life, her work, and her children.

Meeting and interviewing Eveline Lonoce was kind of a revelation.

For the ones who follow me, they know I’m all about working in a team. My husband being the key element of my life equilibrium, and I manage to do a lot of activities thanks to the “village” I build around me.

Then I met Eveline, a single working mother of 3, who is doing amazing things without the support of a partner. I discover that even if being a single working mother is a hard job, you can still follow your professional dreams.

Writer and coach

I met her for the first-time years ago. She holds a very poignant speech about her definition of success, explaining how she build her successful business life while raising 3 children, dealing with a divorce, and a separation. Zurich is a village, and we manage to meet on some other occasions. We even shared a panel discussion at the AWESummit 2018  about Intergender communication.

Knowing that Eveline recently published a book “Emotional Competence” (full information here), I decided to read her book before interviewing her.

From the very first pages, I found the reading to be very personal and engaging. Emotional Competence is a book to read in any moment of your life, but I will especially recommend to take it in your hands if you are struggling with something (or someone). Eveline will guide you, at first, trough a self-discovery, while increasing your self-awareness and the ability to better understand your emotions. Then, she will provide you with practical tools to face challenges. At the end she will make you understand how important it is to let things go in the right way.. It is a very intense and introspective reading and is absolutely worth your time. It personally helped me come over some challenges I was facing – I found it very helpful indeed!

I read her book in 2 days, completely captured by the personal way she writes. She shares a lot of her life and her experience – literally an open book. When I decided to interview her, I asked myself: “what shell I ask her?” She is so transparent in her way to manage her life as single working mother, her challenges in the early years when her children where small, her relationship with her parents…

This is the first question I ask her, why being so open? It is a big step to share so much with the public.

Eveline” Everything starts there: self-awareness. It starts with you and your feelings. Reading this book is a very personal journey and you have to trust the one guiding you. If I want to teach people to open their minds and their hearts, I have to do it myself first. People see my vulnerabilities and are more open to trust me.”

For years Eveline has empowered entrepreneurs as a business coach.She builds a strong expertise on reading human behaviors while helping people find their way to build their businesses.

E:“ You have to grow your self-awareness in order to grow your business”.She says to me when I ask how she found the way from helping growing small business and start-ups to personal development coach.

How to find the zen

While interview her, her phone rings constantly, her children and her business activities claiming her attention. I have a glimpse of her vibrant life while interviewing her. I laugh when she explains how she was in a rush while driving to this interview.

E. “It is not easy to find a moment of Zen in my very busy day. Everyone has to find a moment to collect their thoughts. Some people meditate, some do yoga. I couldn’t do that with kids around and work to do. With the time I had, I found my own rituals, especially during the night when the kids where sleeping. This morning while coming here a bit stressed out, I saw the beautiful lake of Zurich with his shining waves, I took a moment to appreciate it and everything was fine again.”

I like this way to find solution to relax and come back to the now (if you are interested in some practical tips about meditation and finding the Zen, check here). If it was so challenging to find a moment for herself while raising 3 children, how was it with a relationship? I dare to ask if there is place for a man in her life.

E: “Before, there was simply no time. First always came my children, then there was work and were a lot of activities to do, and I needed my own space as well. I simply didn’t meet a man that could understand and cope with these priorities. My family structure is a different one and I’ve always been happy with it. Now with my youngest child being a teenager, my situation changed and indeed there is a relationship now that is simply right.”

We talk more about her upcoming projects and my upcoming events with PWG,. We realize we have a lot of common contacts. The discussion runs very smoothly and it is difficult to make a stop. Very interested about the development of her coaching program (you can find more here), I would like to ask more but, alas, time runs fast. We say goodbye with the promise to continue the conversation soon.

Meet Eveline Lonoce, a working mother helping people to achieving mastery in emotional competence through a beautiful and introspective journey.

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